Bush vs. No Bush

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Bush vs. No Bush

For the past several decades, shaving off pubic hair for woman has been the latest trend. Many people in society, see having no pubic hair the public norm. Due to what we've been shown on porn. Where men and women have perfectly shaven areas on their body. (It does assist with helping to see the action, without the bush in the way.) Woman have become very creative when it come to pubic hairs. Woman are doing the whole "landing strip" shaving their pubic hairs into shapes and letters to be creative for their partner.

Pubic hair offers true benefits, it wasn't just placed on our body for no reason. Pubic hair offers a natural barrier to keep things clean, to decrease contact with viruses and bacteria, and to protect the tender skin of the area from being abraded. There are several things that could irritate the skin in that area including the underwear and clothes that we wear. Pubic hair does help control the moisture of the are by wicking it up and away from the skin, which decreases the chances of yeast infections and skin breakdown. 

Interestingly, pubic hair is part of what designates a person as having reached sexual maturity. This is what introduces woman to womanhood, besides Aunt Flow. 

I am definitely not opposed to shaving pubic hair. No lie, i can say i get a little lazy in that department. If i don't schedule a wax then it's totally over with. I honestly feel more comfortable when my pubic hairs or shaven. I use to be really shy going around my boyfriend without being completely bold and I think it stems from hearing the stereotype that "Men don't like hair down there." If he wants the sex bad enough honey, I am pretty sure any man will overlook a little hair. I do care what my man thinks, but at the same time love it or hate it. 

In a questionnaire done by Cosmopolitan, some men answered and stated that they didn't care if their partner had their pubic hair removed, others stated that the girl is trying to hard and some state that they find it aesthetically pleasing for the bush to be shaved.

So ladies, what's your preference bush or no bush? & does your partner like the bush or no bush?

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