Fun Factory Menstrual Cups-- Why you should use them

Fun Factory Menstrual Cups-- Why you should use them

Here is why we choose to use the FUN CUP!! It is a lot more fun than running out to the local convenient stores in the middle of the night to grab tampons and pads. 

FUN CUPS are considered healthy, comfy and convenient!

You can easily forget your wearing a FUN CUP. Instead of having to change your tampon or pad every few hours, you can leave the cup in all day with no worries, NOT exceeding 12 hours. You may need to empty it more frequently depending on your flow, but on lighter days you can go ahead and leave it in for up to 12 hours! 

The FUN CUP is slightly curved in shape, which is designed to fit your body better making it comfortable for our lady parts. The base of the cup is lightly textured for easy grip and security of placement and the tapered silicone tip makes it easier to adjust. 

You are able to run, swim and do anything imaginable while wearing a FUN CUP. With a little help of lube, you can even control spotting before your actual period. (The lube is used for comfort when inserting). 


The FUN CUPS are actually cost efficient. The average tampon user will spend over $100 per year on tampons. Maybe more if you share a house with several ladies. The FUN CUP on our website is $40.00 for two! Not only does it pay for itself within a few months, but you can keep using it safely for years to come. 

Between pads, tampons and other period items people who use disposable menstrual products create up to 300 pounds of waste over the course of a lifetime. YOUR FUN CUP can be safely used over and over again, making it virtually waste free!!! (Eco-friendly major plus) 

The cups come in various sizes ranging from A-B. We offer the explore kit. The explore kit is for women who don't know what size they should choose or for someone who wants one cup for heavy days and another for lighter day. It includes 1 size A and 1 size B cup in Pink and Blue! 

 Hop on over to our website and get yours today. 

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