Getcha Freak on with PUBLIC SEX!!!

Getcha Freak on with PUBLIC SEX!!!

Sex everyone does it, right? A lot of people love spontaneous sex and will do it any and everywhere. It’s something about having sex in places you aren’t supposed to in public that gives you the ultimate thrill. Of course it’s a crime, but hey I’m sure we have all taken the chance once or fifteen times. A survey done by, LELO states that woman are exploring public sex more than ever.

Some say it gives them a sense of self confidence and self righteousness having the courage to fornicate in public. In this case, public validation means that the risk of public sex is worth it. Some do it just to live out their sexual fantasies, everyone has them and it’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just something about knowing if your about to cum or come get busted.

73% of woman have had sex in cars.

36% of woman have had sex in a public park.

22% of woman have had sex in the office.

3% of woman have had sex in an airplane.

Having sex in the bedroom, is so cliche and routinish spice it up and live a bit. When you get out and taste new places, broaden your horizon and treat yourself to new experiences! In the words of Missy Elliott, getcha freak on!! Check out how Dave East feels about public sex.


How do you feel about public sex👀?

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