National Coming Out Day- Tips on how to come out

National Coming Out Day- Tips on how to come out


Coming out can be difficult for anyone. However, in today's day in age it is a little better than what it use to be. Many people have really changed their entire outlook on the LGBT community. Many people have positive experiences coming out and often regret that they didn't voice their true identity sooner. IT'S OKAY! Before coming out, consider your own personal circumstances when making the decision to tell people close to you that you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans. At the end of the day, your safety is what comes first. If you are looking for tips to come out, I've researched a few tips that might help ease the process to share with friends and family!


It's not up to me or your best friend when you are ready to come out. Everyone should come out on their own time. When you think about pleasing others, you will definitely lose sight of what is really the biggest factor "your happiness." Focusing on what makes YOU happy will ultimately make others happy around you.


Many feel that they may not fit a particular "label." Never feel forced to use labels. Using terms like lesbian, gay and bisexual is perfectly fine, but never feel forced to identify as anything. If a label helps you and makes you feel great, then most definitely go for it. No worries, if labels cannot define you!!! 

3. Faith vs. Sexuality 

Having faith and being gay is not mutually exclusive! Your beliefs are still your beliefs a the end of the day. Times are changing and a lot of religions have faith bath groups for people who chose the labels lesbian,gay or bisexual! 

4. Tell One Person 

When you're ready to come out you will know the perfect timing. Don't think you have to tell everyone right away. It's easier choosing one person who you feel you can trust the most and when your comfortable to tell them go for it. When you open up towards one person, it makes it 10 times easier and clearer for you. Talking things out with someone really does help!

5. Those Old Stereotypes

Stereotypes suck and we all know they do. When being gay hit the media, the most common were of effeminate camp men and butch stocky women. Some people think till this day that every gay man and woman have to fit the stereotype. Being lesbian, gay or bi does not have to define you. Finding yourself is all about who you are and what you like and how you want to be viewed in society. Do you and fuck the stereotypes of what is defined as being lesbian, gay or bisexual. 

6. Positive Vibes

It is common to have anxieties and fears surrounding coming out. However, coming out is one of the most amazing things you can do. I know we tend to hide who we are from the people we love, just because we are scared or afraid of how they make act. Once you come out you will finally be able to be your self and it will change your entire life. 

8. Time

Allow the people you come out to digest the news. It may come as a total surprise and for some it might just have been the "we were waiting on you to say something ..." stage. Surprise and shock doesn't mean disapproval. There may be some questions and so forth, but that comes with the territory. They may need your support, as well as you needing theirs. 

The experience of coming out is definitely different for everyone. You will be amazed at how free you will feel once coming out. We are most definitely here for moral support! We can be reached on all major social sites for advice and moral support. 



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