Anal Beads for the Beginner

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Anal Beads for the Beginner

The thought of anal beads makes some terrified, but for some that are mature in their sexuality are willing to experiment with the pleasures of anal penetration.

Anal beads act as a massage when their in the body and their biggest benefit is achieving an orgasm after being removed. To many anal pleasure is not necessarily the entering in stage, but when you pull them out. The anal beads are placed in slowly and can be pulled out during intercourse, masturbation or right before an orgasm.

When using anal beads, keep in mind that lubricant is needed. Lube is always a good idea when toying in the anal area. Make sure your lubing each head on the toy.


Starting off with smaller size beads will help when you are gradually moving up with more experience. Also being relax and at ease with using your anal beads. Also, ensure that your anal beads has a handle!!!!! I REPEAT MAKE SURE THE TOY HAS A HANDLE!!! Just imagine the horror stories of people coming to the emergency room, because their toy didn't have a handle. There are several shapes and sizes that are great to experiment with. Again, starting of small and gradually increasing in size will help anyone. There are also, anal beads that are temperature based, vibrate and some! House of Pleasures even offers an Anal Kit

As I've said before in previous blogs, make sure that your sanitizing your toys after each use!! Some aren't comfortable, using anal beads with their partner. Who better to please you than YOU!

Starting using anal beads by yourself will allow you to increase in comfortability. Dive in and see the wonders you can learn about yourself with anal beads or spice it up and use it with your partner. -IL

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