Postal Worker Steals Christmas Gift Cards to Buy Sex Toys

Gregory P Mango

Iesha Conley had a different joy in mind for Christmas this year. Conley, 48, was caught stealing gifts cards from the post office mail and decided to use the monies stolen to purchase sex toys from a well-known online discount retailer, according to federal authorities. 

Conley got busted after a woman who sent a $100 American Express gift card to her family in Long Island, reported the mail had been opened and the gift card was missing. American Express than tracked the gift card and it was revealed a woman used the card to buy three sex toys from Groupon. Authorities also state Conley attempted to pay her cable bill using the same gift card. 

Conley was an employee of the US Postal Service Brooklyn Processing and Distribution Center during the exact times gift cards where reported missing.  Furthermore, she was caught on camera opening and removing items from greeting card envelopes, per the complaint. 

Conley is charged with stealing mail from Sept. 9 to Dec. 20 and adamantly denies the charges.  If found guilty, Conley faces up to five years in prison. Conley was released on a $15,000 be continued. 

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