Principal Accuses girl of selling sex toys at school

Early this week, I noticed a story making headlines of a 12 year old girl accused of selling sex toys at school. First, you are never to young to hustle! Make it age appropriate though, lol. I remember selling any and everything in elementary and middle school.   Now excuse me for my humor, but I am 100% sure this child didn't even know what the heck a sex toy was before she was accused. 

Since the story has come out, the girls father is doing everything in his power to clear the child's name. Of course, she wasn't really selling sex toys, but the Principal at Trinity Lutheran School in Wisconsin sure thought so. The girl claims that she had permission from her teacher to sell "water snake wigglies." The issue did go up against the school board, which sided with the Principal about the "water snake wigglies" being sex toys. The student was suspended for three days.

Now, I honestly don't think the child should have been suspended. She wasn't going around saying, "try these new masturbation toys or sex toys" or making any derogatory statements. The student in fact did her research and found they were good for students with Autism. I honestly applaud her for trying to help her peers out and start a hustle. I'll never knock someone's grind. 

On the other hand, I can see where the Principal in fact felt they were correct and that the child was selling sex toys. The shocking resemblence of the toy being a sex toy can be seen. The student so innocently stated "it just calms you when you touch it." (That's what my toys do to me, lol) "You squeeze it, its cold and it's hard to hold sometimes." Lawd, I know she's innocent but there is several toys on our website that fit this description. By the way check our products when your done reading. An Amazon description of the toy states, "great stress relievers because they're fun to fidget with and hard to hold...  You can play with a water wiggly during a break or anytime you need some stress relief." In 2013, Mashable listed the "water wigglies" as one of 15 "totally concerning toys from your childhood." I honestly see why. 

Would you let your child play and sell this toy at school to other kids? 

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