"Stealthing" DONT BE A VICTIM

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"Stealthing" DONT BE A VICTIM

There is a new latest trend sweeping the nation, that isn't something you want to be victim of. There are many laws that protect people from various sexual acts, but not one for "stealthing." Some can say they've been a victim of this and just thought it was okay.

A lead author Alexandra Brodsky, argued that “stealthing,” is when a man secretly removes his condom in the middle of sex, without his partners consent is a form of sexual assault and should be treated as such.

Not only does “stealthing” leave a victim vulnerable to pregnancy or STIs, it causes the same type of emotional, physical and financial harm that stems from other, more clearly defined, violent sex acts.

In a research study, victims of "stealthing" have viewed the act as "rape-adjacent" and a "blatant violation of what we'd agree to."

According to a New York Post article, court systems are uncovering the new sex act that is victimizing people across the world. January a man was convicted of rape after taking off his condom without telling partner. The court decided that the woman would have said no to sec if she knew the condom was being removed. Some might say it was her fault, but she originally agreed that intercourse would take place with a condom on. He intentionally could have exposed her to any STI's and other things she didn't sign up for. (Keep in mind condoms aren't 100% protective of diseases)

As fun as sex is, there are some people that don't respect our bodies. Woman have a voice and a say so of what goes on during sex!

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