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  The industry is forever changing and it just got even better. "Harmony" will be the first robot to offer an emotional connection to their human partner. Harmony made my a company called RealDoll will be on sale shortly. She is programmed to be charming and witty and is "prone to falling in love with you." She is also programmed to say things you don't expect, as well as an app to control her moods and settings. The app can be accessed on a smartphone, iPad, tablet and computer.  Get this, she also comes with a PULSE! A little freaky right......

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There is a new latest trend sweeping the nation, that isn't something you want to be victim of. There are many laws that protect people from various sexual acts, but not one for "stealthing." Some can say they've been a victim of this and just thought it was okay. A lead author Alexandra Brodsky, argued that “stealthing,” is when a man secretly removes his condom in the middle of sex, without his partners consent is a form of sexual assault and should be treated as such. Not only does “stealthing” leave a victim vulnerable to pregnancy or STIs, it causes...

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