Truth about Squirting-- Can you do it?

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Truth about Squirting-- Can you do it?

There have been several women asking, “How do you squirt,” “Why can’t i squirt.” Well ladies, I come to tell you the truth about the matter and hopefully you will be able to experience the ejaculation of a lifetime.

Squirting is when fluid comes jetting out of a woman’s vagina, often accompanying an orgasm. I know a lot of women have seen porn stars squirt with ease. Of course, everything looks easy when done on camera for a professional. Well I want to tell you that you can be just like the porn stars. However, not every woman can squirt though. Learning to squirt is very tricky. Many say getting acquainted with your G-spot is the key to squirting, which causes fluids to build up in the bladder and be expelled through the urerthra on orgasm. You can’t be so focused on a fulll waterfall to happen your first time squirting. It’s much more about the sensation and the orgasm itself.

Some argue that the squirting fluid is urine. I know squirt fluid isn’t pee because it doesn’t feel like pee. It has a slightly viscous or oily texture that urine does not have. It doesn’t smell like pee and it doesn’t taste like pee. Yes, I have tasted both. Because it comes through the urethra, it can pick up traces of urine so very occasionally there’s a little more scent there, but it’s not common. As well, I empty my bladder before sex, squirt buckets, then immediately have to empty my bladder after sex.

Find the G-spot
Inside the vagina find the spongy tissue located around 1-2″ in and to the front of the body. If you’re lying on your back, fingers inserted and curled to make “come here” motion will help you find it. Play with that tissue. Feel which sensations feel best and cause it to swell. There are several ways to find ones G-spot. Once you find that area that gives you that complete and total sensation continue to build of that sensation. Also, trying various toys that will increase that total sensation will help stimulate and allow you to ejaculate you in a squirting manner.

Everybody is different, so there’s no guaranteed trick that will make a squirting orgasm happen for every g-spot.ry many different pressures, positions, angles, etc. A vibrator on the clit or something in your butt might help or might be a distraction, but you won’t know unless you try. Remember that this is fun and focus on the pleasure in the moment, not the goal to squirt.

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