Finding Comfort with Self Arousal

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Finding Comfort with Self Arousal

I have spoken to several women over the course of my college career, as well as women in general outside of the college arena.  Some, but not all have a negative light on masturbation with sex toys.It took me awhile to get hip to the whole pleasure from something other than a penis. In fact, it took my first serious relationship to actually bring a sex toy in the bedroom. Of course, in my head I was like why does he want to use this am I boring... is the power of the P not doing it. Nope, none of that. He just wanted to heighten the intensity of our already great sex. I applaud the jerk to exposing me to the world of self pleasure!!! Since my first encounter with a sex toy, I have added to my collection. I remember having conversations with my friend about never using a dildo or a vibrator and her comment was girl "Aint nobody going to do you better than you." I now see she was right! 

 There is historically negative light on female sexuality. A lot of women have a problem admitting that they use sex toys or even masturbate from time to time. Some people find it weird to touch their selves and others find it weird to use a sex toy. Or some people think they won’t get much pleasure out of the toy or their hands.

It’s perfectly normal to feel weird using a vibrator the first time or any other toy in the bedroom. Vibrator use and sexual exploration is both common and healthy. In an online survey, women between the ages of 18-60, over 50% of survey participants reported vibrator use. There is always going to be misconceptions and myths about female sexuality and sexual health.

Vibrator usage helps you come more familiar and allows you to be comfortable with your body. Sex play can have both physical and psychological health benefits.

A study shows that vibrator use adds to the sexual experience. Positive thoughts about vibrator use are also associated with a healthy sex drive and sexual arousal.

Research shows us that vibrator use is common and the sexual health benefits of masturbation are numerous. There are lots of different types of vibrators out there! You can have ton of fun finding a rhythm to vibe too that suits your needs and wants. Check out our collection in our Women's section! -IL 


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