Product Review: Womanizer W500 Deluxe

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Product Review: Womanizer W500 Deluxe

Have you met the Womanizer? The W500 Deluxe Womanizer uses pleasureair technolog to indirectly stimulate the clitoris with waves of air pressure. In a study, some woman have stated that they achieved an orgasm in 1 minute. That's simply amazing! Right??

The Womanizer Pro now features 8 different levels of intensity, which makes it much more accessible to both power queens and appreciators of a gentler touch.The gentlest setting is incredibly weak, which (unlike in most situations) is pretty great. the higher settings it becomes more rapid and intense giving me the PLEASURE I look forward too. I can just sit there, Womanizer Pro applied and just enjoy as much pleasure as I want until I finally kick it up a notch and have a stronger, fully gratifying orgasm. It keeps me satisfied in every sense of the word.

The Womanizer Pro maintains the detachable silicone tip, which includes a spare and an ABS plastic body. This makes it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. The Womanizer Proisn’t waterproof so the main body must be wiped with a damp cloth or a toy cleaner. It's very easy to clean the toy and haven't had any issues yet. As discussed in previous blogs, it is urgent that you clean your toys off after each use. 

The Womanizer Pro is rechargeable; with 70 minutes of charge giving you up to 240 minutes worth of play time. The Womanizer Pro has a little protective cap over its charge port which keeps it nice and safe. This cap is very easy to remove and the charge cable is easy to insert. During its charge a blinking LED will let you know its progress—becoming a consistent light when the charge is complete.

There are three really easy buttons on the Womanizer Pro (Shown in the video) there’s +, – and an on/off button. You press and hold the on/off button to turn the Womanizer Pro on or off and the + and – control the intensity levels (pretty straightforward). The on/off button can also be quickly pressed in order to return the Womanizer Pro to its gentlest setting. Pretty handy if you want to quickly pull back to it or if you need a fast stop of sorts. There was a definite change to the noise level in this version of the Womanizer!

I would definitely buy a Womanzier, due to the major improvements they made on their latest toy. It gives me the intensity I need and allows me to get off in a matter of minutes. Purchase yours today on our site House of Pleasures.

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