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Wetter is Better: Lube Etiquettes

Have you ever wondered on how to choose the right Lube? I have. It has been times where I have been in the store searching on the perfect lubricant to get the job done. Well, I am here to ease your frustration and make sure you don’t have any discomfort when using various lubes with toys or during intercourse.

A lot of people think, women are naturally wet right when their clothes come off. WRONG! Power to the P if yours works like that. There are many reasons that can alter a woman’s natural lubricant such as stress, lack of sleep and hormones. Yes, all that can cause vaginal dryness.

Lubricant can be used to ease the comfort of a condom and make the experience more pleasurable and natural. However, you have to apply lubricant that is compatible with the particular condom being used. Lubricant can be used for various toys entering the vaginal area, as well as, the anal area.

Not all lubricants are made for all products. Let’s get acquainted with the various types.

Water- based lubricant: Very slippery and may need to be reapplied. Clean up is very simple and can be done with using water. Check for high-quality choices that state they are petrochemical- free, glycerin-free and paraben- free. Just check for body safe if you can’t remember that!! Always use water based lube with latex condoms. (Reducing frictions in condoms can semi-eliminate breakage!)

Arousal lubricant (usually water based):  Usually enhance the experience and give of the sensations of warming, tingling and adding a little zest!

Flavored lubricant (water based): Help add taste for oral performance. & they even have organic lubricant for you healthy eaters! (Did I mention semen is good for you!)

Silicone based lubricant: Slick! Can be used in water. Less likely to need multiple applications. The clean-up generally requires soap and water. If you have a good sheets on your bed use the silicone lube somewhere else. Avoid getting them on surfaces.Most silicone lubes are hypoallergenic, which means they wont cause an allergic reaction. 

Silicone lubricant is fine on toys; however, you may want to stick to water based lubricants. 

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