Why I Opened An Online Adult Novelty Store?

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Why I Opened An Online Adult Novelty Store?

Why I Opened an Online Adult Novelty Store? House of Pleasures owner Jack Jones

Why? I am often inundated with questions in regards to why I launched an online adult novelty store. The answer is pretty simple; I love the human body. I am the woman who loves eyeing nice-figured women, men in sweat pants, and lips. I can admit I am a very sexual person and sex toys are an amazing extension to add when your clitoris is tingling.  In fact, there are adult toys available for every sexual experience one can imagine and I am no stranger to most.  In the past, I would feel a sense of inclusion because I knew I was different (I actually got caught watching porn in 3-4th grade), having to suppress my desires, but toys helped me to curve my desires and not seek men to satisfy me. 

As a nurse who is currently pursuing a nurse practitioner degree (May '18), I can honestly say I am infatuated with the human body.  With that being said, I decided it was time to open my own store, House of Pleasures, after my many talks with women and being shocked by their lack of knowledge when it comes to sex toys. I found most women are scared, clueless or simply misusing sex toys. For example, kegel balls are used to tighten the vagina, assist with stress incontinence (laughing hard and piss your pants!), and give a satisfying sense of control of your vagina. You would be amazed by how many women have no clue how those simple balls can improve upon their lives.  I'll take it a step further, most would be shocked at the number of people who feel "dirty" when discussing or even thinking of sex toys and then after being educated, have a new understanding of adult novelty industry. 

The adult novelty industry is here to stay and sex sells! House of Pleasures was created to help educate consumers on high-end, body-safe, adult toys and unmask the preconceived notion, toys are nasty.  I want to provide a nonjudgmental zone for those who enjoy sex toys just like I do. I personally talk with my customers on social media, email and in person at trade shows and local pop-up shops. Not only do I sell sex toys, I also carry fashion shirts, jewelry, and will soon be launching the House of Pleasures Comfy Sleepwear line. Opening House of Pleasures has NOT been easy, but its been an absolute joy spreading the good word of sex toys to whomever is curious. Stop hiding in the shadows and OWN your sexuality; feel empowered to be connected with your body and who you are, I did. Need some pleasures? Check out House of Pleasures for all your adult novelty, fashion, and sleepwear needs :)

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