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Hello! I'm just like you, an around-the-way girl who happens to be an avid adult toy connoisseur.  My passion for creating exciting intimacy goes far beyond the bedroom. In fact, I am the go-to-nurse/sister/friend for the latest and greatest on toys and sexual experiments.  One day I decided, why not create my own platform to offer my personal toy pleasers along with the requests of women and men I've helped who were noticing a void in sites that offer a personal touch to buy adult novelties.  So...on that day, House of Pleasures, LLC was created to do just that, provide a simple method to buy what you like.  No, you do not have to sign up and create accounts, just buy what you like and go! No need in being held hostage to create an optimal intimate experience, I want my customers happy, excited and eagerly awaiting arrival. 

House of Pleasures was created in 2016 to enhance the intimate pleasures of every individual seeking the highest quality in adult toys, lubricants, and educational guides. We have toys to cater to all budgets. Our goal is to assist our customers in creating the highest climax through love, romance, and treasured moments. Always remember the products offered are safe, well-made and innovative.


Enhancing your bedtime play and intimate relationship with your partner is our goal. If you are novice to the world of adult toys, worry no more! At House of Pleasures, we are here to guide you in the process of buying or simply read our detailed descriptions provided with each product to further assist you in making the best selection for the occasion.

We have been in the industry for years, giving you an assurance that you are working with only the best. No matter what sexual experience you want to create with your partner, we feel confident our store has a product suitable for your needs. Rest assured after logging off from House of Pleasures you will feel satisfied with your choice. 

Go out of your comfort zone and experience a higher climax with the help of our products. We offer a judgement-free zone complete with a discrete and friendly shopping environment.  


House of Pleasures
1300 E. 86th Street, Suite 14
Indianapolis, IN 46240

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