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Sweet-N-Tart Warming Massage Gels

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Product Description

Spreading delightful warmth and a mouthwatering tangy-sweet flavor, Doc Johnson's Candiland collection presents a seductively sensual Warming Massage Gel to hands (and lips)-on endeavors. Smoothly eliminating friction, this lick-able, irresistibly scented staple naturally heats with touch and breath, creating a completely indulgent experience for both mates.

Sweet - N-Tart Warming Massage Gel's premium formula is completely skin safe, containing no sugars or parabens, plus, it's  vegan friendly. The lighter gel washes from skin and fabrics alike with warm water. Paraben, glycerine and sugar-free. Made in the USA.

* Contains 3 x 2oz (59ml) bottles of Strawberry Sour, Tart Berry and Tangy Cherry