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Helping to demystify the pleasures of anal play, Tickle My Tush contains a wealth of fun and funny, definitely lighthearted but extremely informative tips, tricks and valuable information that will prove invaluable to men and women embarking on anal-pleasure quests.

Authored by Dr. Sadie Allison, the sex educator, therapist, writer, and CEO boasting the title of America's Pleasure Coach, this easy to read, layman's-terms masterpiece explores, in illustrated detail, the many anal-focused maneuvers and tactics lovers can employ to bring on completely unforgettable orgasmic backdoor bliss, over and over. Discover how to ease into anal penetration with sensual butt massage and finger-pad play, learn to safeguard your health for confident, safer sex, learn all about prostate stimulation and the pleasure that can ensue, explore role-playing/pegging practices and much more.